Protect Your Home

Insurance tips

  1. Woman with phoneCall your insurance company; tell your insurance agent about your renovation plans before the work starts to make sure the project will be added/covered by your current homeowner’s insurance policy.
  2. Provide your insurance agent with the contractor’s proof of insurance (personal liability, workers’ compensation and property damage to ensure that there are no coverage gaps between your policy and the contractor’s during and after the project).  Keep a copy of these documents with your contract.
  3. Clarify with your insurance agent what happens in the event of theft of your belongings as well as materials, equipment and products from your property during the project.
  4. Clarify with your insurance company that you have appropriate coverage in case of fire, tornado, etc.  You want to be sure that your policy amount also covers the addition to your home.
  5. Be sure to immediately contact your insurance company to verify benefits  after a disaster and so they can send an adjuster to assess any potential damage you may have incurred.

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